Unit sizes

We have a vast array of unit sizes, so we are guaranteed to have the perfect unit for your space and budget requirements. Here are some ideas for the many flexible sizes we offer.

storage ideas for small unit storage ideas for medium unit storage ideas for large unit

Various unit sizes available from: 20 sq. ft (4ft x 5ft) up to 180 sq. ft (12ft x 15ft).

Yard storage

Provision has been made within our secured perimeter fence for yard storage of items such as cars, caravans, trailers and other items not requiring weather protection.

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24/7 access steel containers

If you need unlimited access to your storage space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have the perfect solution. Our secure steel container storage units are ready when you are.

Our durable industrial containers can be used without fear of rust or leaks. The tough corrugated steel is wind, rain and fire resistant.

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